Meet Randy

Randy is a busy executive who always wanted to improve his smile but it was never the right time and he dreaded having to wear what he called “railroad tracks” or regular braces. When he found out about our San Diego Invisalign program he signed up. The nearly invisible aligners or trays appealed to his concern about his business appearance and his need to brush and floss his teeth easily. What surprised him was how easy it was for his appointments. His appointment never lasted longer than 10 minutes and because Dr. Eshom’s office run on time, he never had to wait. The length of his treatment was less than a year from start to finish and now he smiles confidently and has better overall dental health because his teeth are straight and easy to clean for him and the hygienist. Randy’s case is a demonstration on how easy it is for adults to get the straight teeth they want with Invisalign while making there overall dental health better. Don’t wait. It never to late for straight and healthy teeth.

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