“I did this in just 6 months. Other doctors told me up to two years. I am so glad I went to Dr. Eshom.”

Straight Teeth In 6 Months!!!
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“Dr. Eshom and his staff are extremely professional, economically superior, and absolutely outstanding in the field of orthodontics. Every visit has been nothing short of pleasant.”

Accelerated Orthodontics in San Diego

If you’re ready for straighter teeth for a more attractive smile, and you want results fast, Dr. David Eshom has the treatment you need. With either Propel or AcceleDent®, Dr. Eshom can complete orthodontic treatment for most patients in less than 6 months. Imagine, in just 6 months, you could be enjoying the confidence and compliments that come with straight, brilliant teeth and a gorgeous smile!

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Done in 6 months!

Propel Orthodontics

AcceleDent Orthodontics

About Propel Orthodontics

Orthodontics involves moving teeth into different alignment so that they look more attractive and/or function better. To achieve dental repositioning, we rely on the use of force. Placing pressure on teeth eventually prompts the supporting bone structure to allow them to move toward a new position. Bone is an amazing tissue because it heals naturally after injury.

FDA-approved Propel Orthodontics uses alveocentesis to prompt bone transformation with micro invasion of the alveolar bone. Dr. Eshom administers local or topical anesthetic prior to the treatment, so you’ll experience little or no discomfort. In matter of just a few minutes, Propel creates small holes (micro-osteo perforations) in the jawbone, which encourages bone to alter quickly in localized areas. Blood flow and cytokines increase as the bone heals, and as a result, orthodontic treatment moves along 50-60% faster than normal. Alveocentesis is a natural way to accelerate the process of bone remodeling in the jaw.

Dr. Eshom will evaluate x-rays to determine the best locations, as well as the number and depths of perforations, for your Propel treatment. Approximately 80% of orthodontic cases are good candidates for the Propel Orthodontics procedure. While you may require just one treatment of up to three perforations per site, some cases need additional treatments at six-to eight-week intervals. The type of braces or aligners the patient wears has no bearing on Propel’s effectiveness. This means, you can undergo Propel treatment whether you have traditional metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners, or another orthodontic device. Patients also have no downtime and can return to daily activities right after the procedure.

About AcceleDent Orthodontics

AcceleDent® is an innovative complement to orthodontic treatment. It can shave 50% off of treatment time, and it is completely non-invasive.

In about 20 minutes per day, patients undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces or aligners can use FDA-approved AcceleDent® to reduce treatment time. AcceleDent® is a handheld, rechargeable device, fitted for the patient. It features a mouthpiece that the patient bites, while the hands-free unit emits precisely calibrated micropulses called Soft Pulse Technology®. The pulses are 8 times gentler than an electric toothbrush, so they’re completely comfortable. In fact, AcceleDent® has been shown to reduce the discomfort of orthodontic treatment.

Vibrations have been found to encourage bone remodeling, and that’s why AcceleDent® works so well. For children and teens who use AcceleDent®, parents and Dr. Eshom can access compliance records that show a usage report on how often and for how long the patient has used the device. AcceleDent® comes with a charger and cord, and the mouthpiece can be cleaned with water. The main device must be kept dry.

Your Consultation

If you’re ready to cut your treatment tie in half, talk with Dr. David Eshom about accelerated orthodontics with Propel or AcceleDent. He’ll evaluate your case, discuss your expectations, and help you determine which orthodontic complement will work best with your lifestyle and treatment plan. Schedule your appointment today by calling our San Diego Invisalign at 858-455-9151 click here for a free online estimate.