Best Invisalign results, guaranteed.

Dr. Eshom has over 25 years of experience

  • Orthodontic training
  • AACD credentialed cosmetic dentist
  • Certified Elite Preferred Invisalign dentist – a distinction less than 1% of dentists achieve

Lowest Invisalign Fees

  • Best value Invisalign provider in San Diego
  • Low fees help you get a great smile and help us build our Invisalign practice

Best Invisalign Service

  • No waiting to see the dentist
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your needs

Lowest fees

You may be thinking, “Why are their fees so low?” We would think that too if an offer seemed out of place. We want to be the best valued Invisalign provider in San Diego County. Because we are already a successful general dental office, we can provide Invisalign to patients with no overhead. Our general practice pays the bills and Invisalign is an added service. If we provide you with the best in service, diagnosis and treatment, you will tell you friends and send them here. We want to be the best in value and at the same time lowest in Invisalign fees as we gear up our Invisalign practice. It won’t always be this way, so don’t delay and call us now.

Best Service

Our dental practice prides itself on the best service in San Diego County and the country. We schedule one patient at a time, which means you are seen on time and leave on time. Other practices, and especially orthodontic practices, schedule many patients at the same time so they can work efficiently. That means you, the patient, wait in the waiting room or dentist operatory while they work on other patients. We respect our patient’s time and schedule patients so we can see them on time.

Our schedule is open to you. We can see you in the mornings or afternoon and our patient coordinators do their best to accommodate even the busiest of schedules. Unlike other offices that will only see you at certain times and places, we are here and available to see you whenever our office is open.

We pamper our patients with warm paraffin hand waxing and warm aromatic neck wraps while we do your treatment.

Best Results

Dr Eshom has had years of orthodontic training after dental school and 25 years experience in dentistry. He treated hundreds of orthodontic patients in Orange County before moving to San Diego in 1988. He knows the systems and mechanics behind moving teeth and as an added bonus Dr. Eshom is credentialed in cosmetic dentistry (accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry). This means he knows the details and traits of a perfect smile and brings that knowledge and expertise to your Invisalign treatment. He not only makes sure your teeth are straight but they look great when you smile.

Dr. Eshom has vast experience implementing Invisalign and has earned the distinction of “elite preferred provider” from Align Technology which is the parent company of the Invisalign system.

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